Another Masquerading Midi…


Midi Dress – Miss Selfridge

Heels – Next

Bracelet – Vintage

Another masquerading Midi dress…honestly, this is a really great trick if you’re a Petite and actually want a Maxi dress that doesn’t drown you! Seeing as no designers seem to want to make flattering Petite Maxi dresses, then, as I keep saying, we have to get creative!! In a few posts back I did a post on the Black Miss Selfridge ‘Midi’ dress that I was using as a Maxi dress, and since then I’ve gone back and bought this black and white print one…because it’s too good a style trick not to tap into! There are so many of these Midi dresses in Miss Selfridge which actually come to my ankles (instead of the mid-calf as the ‘Midi’ would suggest) so this summer, they are the perfect solution to my Maxi dress problems! I may have to go back and buy the grey…and the pink…watch this space!

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