Styla Shorts Pick

Shorts – Miss Selfridge

T-Shirt – River Island

Wedges – Faith (last year)

Pendant – Topshop

Shorts…obviously another nightmare for Petite girls! ‘Petite’ shorts are more like hot pants or knickers and it’s almost not bothering with bottoms at all, and Mainstream shorts are too big, too long, poorly fitting and shorts are really just yet another mission impossible. This is obviously quite a sweepingly negative judgement of Petite shorts and I will soon be putting up a full post on shorts, but for now, I have to give some attention to my shorts find of the summer! The shorts (black and white stripes) are from Miss Selfridge and not from the Petite section, but they do fit! If you don’t want a pair of hot-pants then you have to buy from the Mainstream sections…and in this instance, the stretch fabric of these shorts somehow makes them suitable from my shape! 

This style of T-Shirt is great, it’s casual and can be worn in the day or evening and great if you want to cover your shoulders. This grey one is from River Island but they are everywhere at the moment and so not too difficult to come by! The wedges are from Faith last year and a great addition to an outfit if you want some height (which I always do!)

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