Masquerading Midi

Midi Dress – Miss Selfridge

Wedges – Dorothy Perkins

Pendant – Topshop

Watch – DKNY

It’s summer in the UK…and I actually mean ‘summer’ for once, because instead of the usual rain and misery we get, we’ve had amazing sunshine for days on end now…and it’s not set to disappear anytime soon! So, what better garment to wear in this weather than a Maxi Dress! I did a post last week, ‘Maxi Madness’, which looks at some of the most realistic Maxi options around for Petite girls, and whilst there are definitely more than last year, they still aren’t ideal!

A large amount of Maxi’s tend to be frilly, floaty and flowery (pretty) but not ideal for the Petite figure – even if they DO fit properly – I find that the frills and ruffles really don’t suit my small frame. I want something elegant…and to my ankles (not trailing for miles behind me on the floor)…basically I want a Maxi dress that doesn’t make me look ridiculous! Maxi’s will always be a bit tricky for Petites…but I have officially found a solution!! Make your Midi dress masquerade as a Maxi!

‘Midi’ dresses are supposed to come to below the knee and above the ankles, give or a take a few inches dependent on height. On women five foot 4/5 and up, I’d say the Midi dress does pretty much what is says on the tin – but for Petites? Well…these ‘Midi’ dresses (when located in the mainstream sections) actually come to my ankles!! Imagine my initial irritation when, trying on a rather sleek Midi dress from Miss Selfridge, I found it lingered around my ankles. But THEN I twigged that, actually, instead of the hideous ‘flower power’ Petite Maxi’s I’d been trying on, this Midi did just the trick! So, in went the Masquerading Midi into my shopping basket…

Miss Selfridge come in pretty useful here. They have a HUGE range of these Midi dresses in the Mainstream sections (stripes, patterns, different colours) and so I would seriously, seriously recommend them. Also DON’T be put off by the tightness of the material, sizes 6/8 and 10 are all pretty figure hugging (great if you want to show off your bod) but not so much if you want a loose, cool item for summer – so do what I did – and buy a size 14!! Yes, I know (buying a size 14 Midi dress to masquerade as Maxi is hardly conventional) but honestly – it WORKS! This is the closest thing I’ve got to a decent Maxi so far, perfect height, lovely and cool (covers the tummy for bad stomach days) AND it doesn’t make me look like a bag lady! These Midi’s are easy to find (Topshop, Miss Selfridge, River Island…) and the perfect solution to an age old Petite problem. So until the designers decide it’s a good idea to actually come up with an elegant Petite Maxi….then we Petite’s have to get creative!!

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