The Peplum Obsession

Peplum Tops – Topshop

Bodycon Skirt – Topson

Necklace – Vintage

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Every so often, you tap into a style that really suits your body shape! I often take this to the extremes…and go off and mass-buy the style in as many colours as I possibly can! My latest obsession (after the ‘Cropped’ tees and jumpers) is PEPLUM! Peplum is my ultimate ideal style. I have always been incredibly self conscious of my stomach and hate tight fitting tops and dresses. So Peplum is like my saviour. Its a way of wearing sleeveless, tightly fitted tops which show off the figure…BUT conveniently cover the tummy…absolutely ideal 😉 Peplum is also a great style for Petites because it curves in and out, showing off the figure. 

Black Peplum – you can’t really get much better for me. I just suit black and it makes me feel elegant and slim. The beauty of Peplum is that it serves many purposes, you can wear it on a night out (as I do very often), for work, casual…whatever and whenever you like really! Obviously, these Peplums come in so many different colours. River Island have an incredible selection at the moment and I’m having to work very hard not keep buying them! Their high neckline also makes them ideal for statement necklaces…and don’t even get me started on Peplum evening dresses…

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