Summer Nights!

Shirt – Miss Selfridge

Leggings – Miss Selfridge

Wedges – River Island

Bag – Jasper Conran

Seriously…it’s so hot! So what on earth do you wear in the evenings?! Don’t be fooled, this is England remember, so the cool creeps in pretty quickly after six o clock! So I’ve found the loose, long-sleeved shirt is a pretty great idea for those evenings where you want to be cool but not freeze! I bought this pink shirt from Miss Selfridge a while ago and really love it, it’s not from the Petite section but thankfully, the sleeves aren’t too long – and if you do have trouble with them, then they can be rolled up and buttoned! 

The wedges are from River Island and a great summer buy if you want some height for the evening, team with a pair of skinny leggings, these are a wet-look pair from Miss Selfridge again (still not the Petite section, they didn’t have any in stock BUT the mainstream ones fit, even if they are a bit folded over at the ankles!!) Then I must do one minute on this BEAUTIFUL bag – it’s an amazing Jasper Conran stunner (another Debenhams sale buy) and honestly it’s my love of the summer!

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