The Cropped Look!

White Lace Top – Topshop

Pencil Skirt – Dorothy Perkins Petite

Shoes – Next

Clutch Bag – Accessorize

I’ve found that, even if you’re ‘Petite’, you certainly can’t rely only shopping only in the ‘Petite’ sections, or you’ll end up with a seriously limited wardrobe…so you have to suss out the tricks! Somehow, I stumbled upon the cropped look – probably because, suddenly, cropped t-shirts and sweatshirts starting popping up all over Topshop. The ‘Cropped’ style is then, as I discovered, a great way to wear pretty tops that fit properly (normally they come down too long and look a bit tent-ish) so for anyone under 5ft3, I’d seriously suggest going cropped! I found this white lace long-sleeved top in Topshop afew months ago and it was perfect because I always tend to go for items with sleeves! Putting a pencil skirt with a cropped look is a good route (only finding a Pencil skirt that doesn’t come to my ankles is a bit tricky) but thankfully I found a few in the Dorothy Perkins Petite section (very reasonably priced) and they sit perfectly just below my knees! 

Jeans and shorts (high-waisted) are also good ones to team with cropped tops and t-shirts, if nervous about having your stomach on show (as I often am) then the tighter fitting garments will hold you in nicely and the cropped look is a great way to show off your figure!! The Dorothy Perkins Petite pencil skirt is the perfect length, there are quite a few different colours and patterns available at the moment on the website! Perfect for going out, work or daytime! The heels (from Next) are my best buy of the month – one thing I never have trouble finding is shoes – and these are perfect for summer!
The beige clutch is from Accessorize, bought as a result of some birthday vouchers and is perfect for a night out and goes with pretty much everything!!

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