Mango & Stripes

Top – H&M

Shorts – Miss Selfridge

Wedges – Faith

Pendant – Topshop

The shorts with the stripes are out again! I really love this particular Miss Selfridge shorts offering and they are by far my favourite buy of the summer. I’ve always been a bit wary of stripes but this year they’ve been perfect to jazz up an outfit, it means you can wear plain t-shirts and tops and yet still have some detail on the bottom half! The material is really comfy too, so all around a great buy. I have stumbled upon quite a few of these thin, cover-up tops in H&M this summer, perfect for if the weather cools or you want to cover your arms. I really like this bright orangey colour and the material is really light too, a great casual summer outfit for the Petite frame here, accentuated by the wedges of course!!

I am still relying on my wedges from Faith a few years back because I haven’t really found any I like this year – any suggestions? I’m also slowly coming round to this idea of statement necklaces and pendants; I’ve always been more of a less-is-more kind of girl but I’m falling in love with all these amazing jewellery items in Topshop and Miss Selfridge…so expect to see some more lively necklaces popping up in posts to come! I know it’s only mid-August but I can’t help but feel like the sunny weather is slowly vanishing and soon it’ll be time for Jeans, Boots and Coats again, so I’m currently putting together a Petite Trousers post, to see what (if any) options await us Petites this coming winter!

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