Styla Shoe Pick #1

Being Petite has one serious advantage…you can ALWAYS wear heels, and you need never worry about being too tall! I’m forever hunting for new heels to wear, lusting after pairs that are way too expensive and dithering over which ones to buy! These are the shoes that are currently pestering me in my dreams and begging me to buy them…not that I will be able to, but maybe some of them will get knocked down in the sale? I know it’s still summer, but I’m still starting to look for boots for winter…you can never be too prepared plus the decent ones sell out in a heartbeat it seems! And my eyes are always drawn to anything glittery or sparkly, so expect lots of those in Styla Shoe Pick posts of the future! My favourite brand has to be Miss KG, shortly followed by Miss Selfridge heels and Topshop boots…River Island are pretty good too…basically, I just love all shoes!

1. Nude Heels – River Island

2. Black Heels – Miss KG

3. Nude & Silver Heels – Topshop

4. Black & Gold Boots – Topshop

5. Brown Boots – Topshop

6. Gladiator Heels – Miss Selfridge

Someone buy me a pair? 😉 

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