Swirling Skirts

T-Shirt – Warehouse

Skirt – River Island

Necklace – Topshop

This week I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree and picked up a few amazing new bits which I will highlight in my next post! I just wanted to do a few minutes on a look I’m really loving at the moment for Petites, which is this particular T-Shirt/Skirt combo! What’s good about these Midi skirts is, because the front cuts off at the knee, the skirt doesn’t drown my shape like a lot of ankle-length skirts do! I was furious when I tried on some of the Petite skirts in Topshop last week to find they were STILL too long! 

So I have resorted back to this navy River Island number from last year, seeing as skirts are so hard to find – though I have noticed this style is around in the likes of Miss Selfridge and River Island but you might have to prepare for the back being a bit long! The T-Shirt is from Warehouse with a lacy patterned front and fits perfectly, amazingly, and can be tucked in or left to hang (perfect over leggings actually). Also, apologies for the lack of footwear, I went to a wedding on Saturday night (outfit and occasion-wear post to follow) and wore a stunning pair of Faith heels – unfortunately, I was left with some not-so-stunning blisters and I am in serious pain still! Ouch!

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