Dresses & Ducklings

Dress – Miss Selfridge

Cropped Jumper – Topshop

Flip-Flops – Accessorize

Ducklings – Local Friends

I feel I have to share these pictures with you because these gorgeous little ducklings deserve some attention!! I’ve watched these cuties grow from tiny, weeny babies into pretty big ducks and last weekend, they decided to join in a BBQ in the garden with me…literally! Mainly because we’ve fed them bread (twice a day) these ducklings are now super friendly…and decided to spend the entire evening with me, hunting for food! The evenings are getting pretty cool now once you go past seven, a bit of a sign that summer is nearing it’s end, so this is probably one of the last times I’ll get to wear this black Miss Selfridge midi dress (which I wear as a Maxi) and which was my ultimate buy of the summer! The Accessorize flip-flops have also been a big hit this summer, I don’t seem to have taken them off, plus the faithful Topshop ‘Cropped’ jumpers have been fab to pull on in these chillier evenings, as you can see I’ve done here! And,obviously, no outdoor Picnic is complete with out a red tartan rug…or ducklings in this case!

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