Flower Power Pale

Artemis Black Chelsea Boot

Coat – Warehouse

Jumper – Warehouse

Leigh Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Miss Selfridge

I know, I know, another coat. I complain endlessly about the difficulties in finding Petite coats…and then what do I go and do…I find two perfectly fitting coats from two of the stores I so complained about in the first place! So, Topshop and Warehouse, I take it back…you do have some coats to suit us Petite ladies! I found this amazing grey hooded coat in Warehouse whilst shopping last week…I honestly didn’t think it would fit (I thought I’d have the usual problems, sleeves too long, hem too long, general tent-like trouble, etc) but incredibly, it fit me like a glove! It was rather pricey I must say, but then, I think that’s pretty standard for a Winter coat these days and I’d rather pay more for something that will (hopefully) last me a long time! Anyway, the moral of this story is, if you see something you like – try it on anyway and don’t dismiss it – because it might actually have your name written all over it!

Then here are the pink jeans I mentioned in my last post! I really love them and think they match really well with the light grey colour of this coat, plus the stretchy material is so comfy – I really hate jeans, but if I wear them at all, I go for the softer material and find this works out a lot better! The boots are a new purchase from Miss Selfridge, I bought them online the other day because I thought the gold buckle added a nice bit of detail and the heel was just right to give me a bit of height, whilst also being practical…well, practical-ish! I know you can’t really see them too well in the photo’s but see the image from the website for a closer look. 

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