Knee Boots Anyone?

I absolutely love knee-high boots, I think they’re great for Winter, a really stylish way to keep your legs warm! But, being Petite, I have a real problem finding ones that fit me properly – mainly because, having such a little legs, nine times out of ten the calf area of the boot is way too big! I’m sure fellow Petite’s will know exactly what I mean! So to get round this, I always look for knee-high’s which either have a buckle around the top which can tighten the boot around the leg, or just tight material in general. Last year I found a great pair from Forever 21 (after months of searching) which had a nice buckle which I could tighten – but sadly they’ve fallen apart and I need a new pair! This year I’ve had no luck whatsoever, I know I’m getting on to this quite early but I’ve tried boots on in Next, Debenhams, Office and goodness knows where else, and as yet, got nothing. So I have been doing some hunting online for some potential options and hoping that I’m going to find a pair that fit.

The top row of boots in my little collage are all Kurt Geiger, without a doubt my favourite brand in the world (I only wish I could afford it’s prices!) I spend a ridiculous amount of time of the KG website browsing for heels, shoes and boots, and their knee high boots are really stunning this year. They look so elegant in shiny blacks and browns, but as always, I’m really nervous of buying a pair because I’m pretty sure the calf area will be too big on me. I bought the most incredible pair of knee-high’s in the KG sale last spring, they arrived in a box about as big as me and, despite being stunning, they didn’t fit…so perhaps I’m being a bit ambitious constantly spying on these boots…and considering the prices, perhaps I should turn my attentions elsewhere.

River Island have really surprised me this year with their boots offering. I’m not quite sure what River Island are doing with themselves these days to be honest, I remember when I was 15/16, it was my favourite shop…then it all seemed to go downhill a bit and, dare I say it, a lot of the clothes seemed almost a bit tacky…but now it’s rejuvenated itself again and things seem to be improving! With a little help from the Rihanna collection I would imagine, but even so, the clothes in there are getting better and the shoes are looking amazing, I love their boots collection – pretty expensive if I’m honest – but they’re quite lively and vibrant, so maybe I’ll have to try a few pairs on and see what happens. Topshop of course have a great collection as always but I always have a problem with their boots because the calf is always to high and knee high boots turn in to thigh high boots – but I can still look. Any Petite readers with knee-high boot style tips then please let me know! I definitely need a pair ASAP!

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