Standard Petite Coat Nightmare

1. Miss Selfridge Petite

2. Miss Selfridge Petite

3. Topshop Petite

4.River Island

5. Warehouse

6. Topshop Petite

Finding a Winter coat is a pretty important task and, given the sudden severe temperature drop, this is something I’ve turned my attention to this week! I think the yearly dither over a Winter coat is pretty standard, everyone wants a coat that will keep them warm, that will look attractive and will actually last the season without falling apart….do you pay an extortionate amount or do you go cheap…or, if you’re Petite, do you ever actually manage to stumble upon a coat that fits?? Being Petite and buying coats is an absolute NIGHTMARE. Honestly, nothing ever really fits. The sleeves are too long, the hems are too long, the sizes are too baggy and drown our little frames…the coat situation is just ridiculous! Every single year I see gorgeous, stylish coats in places like Warehouse, Oasis, etc etc, and they never, ever fit. The same goes for all the Mainstream sections of Topshop, Miss Selfridge and River Island….amazing coats, but not for Petite women. 

So, as usual, I find myself limited to the seriously limited Petite coats sections, mainly on Miss Selfridge and Topshop…and above are the choices I’ve come up with as Top picks. I love the Duffle coat from Miss Selfridge (2.) and Petite Topshop black number (3.) – I’ve actually just bought this online, it’s on its way to me, so you will be the first to know if it actually fits/looks good – given it’s Petite, I’m praying it does! I LOVE number (5.), a Warehouse number, the fur and grey combo is gorgeous…but I know it won’t fit me and will be far too huge on me. Same with the pink River Island coat (4.)….pretty but just not possible for Petites! So, here begins my coat-hunt, no doubt the one I’ve ordered won’t fit…so any Petite coat suggestions, please do let me know, and when I find one that fits…hear it first here!

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