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 Knee Boots – Kurt Geiger

Currently feeling a little silly. I’ve mentioned, at length, my struggle to find any decent knee high boots that actually fit me around the calf…and now actually feel rather ashamed of myself, because (during a rummaging session in the wardrobe) I dug out these babies! I am really kicking myself now, I can’t BELIEVE I forgot about them! I think I got my hands on them right at the end of the season last year, I spent months and months hunting for a pair and then, when I finally found them, it got too hot to wear them. So I must have just totally forgotten I’d bought them. Which is a disgrace really because there were about 125 from Kurt Geiger…my cheeks burn.

But, all embarrassment aside, these are PERFECT. They might not be from this years collection but nevertheless, they are ideal for me. They have a slight heel, shiny material and (whilst they could be a teeny bit tighter around the calf, they will do!) I have a feeling I won’t be taking these off this Winter – I seriously need to make the time up that I lost with them last year! See the next post for how they look with an outfit 🙂

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