Essie Nails

I only discovered Essie two weeks ago…and I am absolutely hooked! In all honesty, I hadn’t actually heard much about the brand before (maybe I live under a rock) and I stumbled on it by chance whilst hunting for a pale pink shade nail colour in Boots. Revlon has always been my staple nail varnish favourite and very rarely do I ever buy any other brand…but I was looking for a really specific shade of pale pink (I’m too fussy) and couldn’t find anything suitable in Revlon or with any other make. But I caught sight of this shade of pale pink, ‘Fiji’ and it was exactly what I wanted! It really is an amazing make; there was the perfect amount of colour with two coats (I normally put on three) and it was a lovely, glossy finish – exactly the colour I wanted too! The best thing about it though was that the varnish lasted a week – A WEEK – no joke without chipping! Most of the time, I find varnish chips off in about two minutes, which is spectacularly irritating after painstaking applications…so this was an amazing revolution! I love pastel shades for nails and Essie have an amazing range.

Of course, I had to go back and buy more. I love this sandy colour, which is appropriately called ‘Sand Tropez’, so I’m really excited to try this one later! I also picked up the set too, so I have a few different shades to last me over the next few weeks! 

I’m a massive obsessive when it comes to nail varnish; you will never, ever see me without it on (I don’t think I’ve ever gone without nail varnish since the age of fourteen) and I have the most ridiculous collection of colours in the world! I’ve never used fake nails, gel nails or had a manicure (probably a shocking thought to most) but I honestly think I can take good enough care of my nails by myself without having to shell out every week at a nail bar or salon. I shape them into a square style and keep them strong by always putting a coat of clear, nail hardener on before applying colour. I never put colour on bare nails as this can really stain them, plus a good hardener (like the Sally Hanson above) really helps to stop them breaking and keeps them in good condition. I expect I will do a post on Revlon in the near future too as I have an obscene collection which deserves a mention  🙂

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