Just Incase

Jumper – Oasis (Again)

Leggings – Topshop

Bag – Oasis

Boots – Topshop

Just incase I hadn’t gone on enough about this jumper already…I’m going on again. But I just thought I’d pop up some pictures that I took yesterday morning because I literally love this jumper so much and wanted to show how it’s pattern can really liven up an outfit. The leggings and jumper combo is pretty standard for me, but it’s amazing how this jumper pattern can just lift things and transform an outfit from dull to interesting! It’s great to team with leggings and boots and formed a fab casual outfit for me yesterday.

I also thought I’d post a picture of the jumper from the website so you can see it’s detail. Also, for Petite ladies, looking straight at the jumper on the website and not trying it on, I think it’d be quite easy to dismiss it, because the sleeves look pretty long, as does the hem…but I thought it was worth saying that, at least with Oasis anyway, if you’re Petite DO NOT discount their jumpers…for whatever reason (at least with the smaller sizes) they really do seem to fit even the shortest of girls, like myself. I’ve probably tried every damn jumper on in the shop, so I can honestly say that a jumper from here is more likely to fit you than not! I should really just become an ambassador for Oasis. Anyway, if you feel like splashing out on a pretty jumper for Winter then try Oasis, a little pricey, but so worth it! Check back for my ‘Winter Jumpers’ post that’ll be coming soon!

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