Little Bracelet

Bracelet – Jon Richard

Just thought I’d do a quick post on this lovely bracelet that I got for my birthday! I find that, because my wrists are so small, I suit bracelets that are slim, and not chunky, otherwise it all looks a bit too much on my hands! I love the slim, gold style of this bracelet and the detail too, it’s really elegant and simple, which is always something that works! It goes really nicely with this Russian wedding ring that I have and I think the whole look is quite elegant!

It’s a really sturdy clasp which is nice, I’ve ‘lost’ so many bracelets because they’ve fallen off my wrist. This as actually bought for me as a replacement for one I lost a while ago, it was a similar style and really pretty but must have slipped off my wrist somewhere. This bracelet is great to wear for any occasion really because it’s not too much, nor is it too little, so another amazing birthday gift!

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