Coat – Topshop

Scarf – Topshop

Leggings – Miss Selfridge

Bag – Warehouse

Boots – Kurt Geiger

Cat – Misty

Apologies for the lack of outfit posts lately – I haven’t really bought anything new for a while, my bank account is still in recovery from my recent disgraceful shopping sprees and, if I’m honest, there isn’t a huge amount out there that I actually want. Don’t get me wrong, I am LOVING all the knit jumpers that are popping up, and I’ve always got my eye on shoes and bags, but I’m finding it hard to pick out just one or two bits I really want…it’s a hard life when you want everything!! Anyway, it’s times like these that I find myself rummaging through my wardrobe and, whilst hunting for ‘Winter essentials’, I always end up digging out items I’d totally forgotten about!

Hence these amazing knee boots! If you read my last post, then you’ll know these are a purchase from last year….which I forgot about!! Unbelievable really. I think it’s amazing how a pair of shiny knee boots can liven up an outfit and make it seem that little bit smarter. Plus they’ve also got a nice heel which, as a Petite, is always great to have a little height 🙂 I’m back in my favourite colour – black – and still wandering around in last years Topshop coat. I have two new ones ready and waiting, but it’s still not cold enough for them yet!

Also, my cat – Misty – decided to invade whilst I was taking these pictures – so make yourselves acquainted! Her colouring slots in perfectly with this outfit…it’s a shame I can’t take her around with me! I’m loving this leopard print scarf also, it jazzes up an otherwise plain outfit and is a lovely light material. I’m struggling to find any scarves I actually like this year, they all seem to be knitted and chunky where I just want something light and pretty! I suppose I’m looking in the wrong season and everything is very much geared to Winter, but I will keep hunting!

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