Naughty Leopard


 Cardigan – Forever 21

Leggings – Miss Selfridge 

Boots – Topshop

I always think there’s something mischievous about leopard print…or is that just me being strange? I also think it’s much more of a Winter print…but then, that could just be me too! It’s a lovely print though and it can help liven up an otherwise boring outfit! I think, if you’re going to wear it though, you should keep things simple. It’s such a lively print that you can really spoil it by overdoing things with the accessories and it can distract from the detail, so I prefer to let the leopard do the work for me! 

This jumper is from Forever 21 about two years ago but it’s become an old favourite. I don’t really like Forever 21 if I’m honest, I think it’s a bit of a mess in there, but you can definitely get a few good bits if you hunt around! When I was at university in Birmingham there was a massive store in the Bullring there, which I could usually find something in. A lot of the clothes in there aren’t really my style, but this little leopard print cardigan was perfect! I tend to wear it done up, but sometimes pull it on as a cardigan over a black dress or top. If I wear leopard print I always wear it with black, I think it can be a bit much with other colours, but that’s just what suits me I think!

This kind of outfit works quite well when I’m not sure what my plan is, I wore it out yesterday evening, when I wasn’t quite sure if dinner was going to turn into drinks…so combinations like this can be pretty safe when in doubt!! It could work in a nightclub at a push (it’s dark in there) so I think this is quite a versatile option. It’s a really simple outfit but then I think, with leopard print, less is always more!

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