Scarves & Buckles

Jumper – Zara

Scarf – Topshop

Jeggings – Topshop

Boots – Miss Selfridge

Bag – Miss Selfridge

So I think Autumn might finally be here! Well, sort of, it certainly LOOKS like Autumn…but amazingly it’s still quite warm outside. An fantastic thunderstorm brought all the leaves and conkers off the trees outside my house last night, so it suddenly looks very Autumnal…and I quite like this, being an October baby I really love this month and how pretty places can look at this time of year! It’s also a great excuse to bring out my much-loved jumpers, scarves and winter boots! I mentioned these new Miss Selfridge boots a few posts ago…and haven’t really taken them off since, I’ve well and truly bedded them in now, so they are super comfy and love the gold buckle detail, these boots seem to fit perfectly with all my colour schemes, so I’m really happy with these! 

This is a pretty casual outfit and this white jumper is my all-time favourite from Zara, I bought it in 2011, but amazingly it fit my Petite frame AND hasn’t snagged or ripped at all in three years…so that says it all really. Everyone straight into Zara! Unfortunately I don’t have a store near where I live so I seriously need to get to somewhere that does, I miss it! I’m also loving these jegging type trousers, these being from Topshop, I’ve said before how much I HATE jeans, so these are like the perfect alternative…they are a lovely material, clingy, but without that itchy, tight feeling I despise with jeans! Jeggings are A LOT easier to negotiate with if you’re Petite, jeans are near on impossible to find (as all Petite ladies know) so these jeggings are great – they don’t have to be a Petite fit because you can either roll them at the waist or let them fold at the ankle…and to be honest, these are such a great stretch fit they they mould nicely to whatever leg shape you are, so I would seriously suggest investing in a few pairs if you have little legs like me! They aren’t too expensive either – yay. I nearly bought some navy ones the other day…but restrained myself. My spending habits are becoming despicable, and I need to start saving…but its just so hard when there are so many gorgeous items out there!

I love being able to jazz up outfits with pretty scarves in the Autumn and Winter too. This Topshop scarf seems to go with everything and I love it, it’s a lovely soft material which is great for me, because I think I must have issues with those scratchy woollen things out there…they make my neck itch like anything! I’ve also been living in scarves for the last week, I keep pulling muscles in my neck, so warming it with a scarf really helps! This bag is an old Miss Selfridge favourite too, a bit small, but great for errands where you just need to shove a purse and a lipgloss in your bag. Though speaking of bags, I’ve just been really bad and bought yet another bag which I really don’t need….so look out for this in my next post 🙂 


    • October 12, 2013 / 9:38 am

      Thank you Carol! Totally agree, scarves can really alter a look! 🙂 xxx

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