The Dip Dye Saga

 Jumper – Oasis

Jeggings – River Island

Boots – Topshop

Rings – Miss Selfridge

Bag – Accessorize

I feel like I’ve been going on about this jumper for ages, it seems to have been a bit of an on-going saga, but FINALLY it has arrived safely in my hands! I first spied this dip-dye style jumper last year, I spotted several ladies wearing it and absolutely loved it…but of course I couldn’t find one anywhere! So when I wandered into Oasis the other week and saw this little baby sitting there staring at me, I pounced! I practically charged across the store, elbowing everyone out of my way to get to it…only to find that they only had Large size in stock! Desperate, I tried it on anyway…but it was far too big. Being Petite, it was way too baggy and far too long, so much to my irritation and sadness, I had to put it back. 

But I wasn’t going to give up that easily…I went home, went straight online and found a Small size on the Oasis website!! It definitely had my name on it! It’s amazing how dramatic I can make this ‘search for the dip dye jumper saga’ sound but I really, really wanted it…and here’s why, it looks amazing! It really suits my Petite frame, I love the cool pale of the pink merging into the blue, lovely colours for Autumn/Winter and the shape is exactly what I look for in a jumper…long enough to skim the thighs and baggy enough to be comfortable. This is the perfect jumper style for me because I always end up wearing leggings…and its always a good idea to wear longer tops with these as fully exposed leggings look a bit questionable (unless you have an incredible body of course!) 

These pale blue jeggings were a good buy from River Island afew years ago, they are slightly too long (standard if you’re Petite) but I don’t think it looks too terrible with a bit of folding at the ankle and the length doesn’t really matter too much with boots. I love this clutch from Accessorize also, I don’t normal go for beige and brown colours…but for some reason I really like this colouring and it goes with everything…especially my beloved dip dye jumper..

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