Winter Jumper Wishlist

1 – 3: Oasis

4 – 8: Warehouse

On reflection, I probably should have named this post ‘Winter Jumper Wishlist…from Oasis and Warehouse’ because all these jumpers are only from those two stores! I honestly can’t get enough of these gorgeous Winter jumpers, and I’d filled up my wishlist before I’d even got to Topshop! Unheard of.

I think my favourite jumper of the lot has to be number 7, from Warehouse. It is SO unusual and I love the black pattern against the white background, with a splash of red round the collar, it feels a little festive, but also incredibly stylish and I could see myself getting so much wear out of this! It’s one of those items that I’ve been staring at in the shops and online for ages…and just not bought because, Warehouse isn’t the cheapest of stores and I’ve bought so many unnecessary items of clothing recently…though this is almost too nice not to have!

I’m really into my jumpers at the moment, as you can probably tell! I think (if there is anything good about Winter) one of the plus points is pretty Winter clothing. Jumpers especially are also a big part of my wardrobe, they are so easy throw on day to day but it’s so nice if they can be a little bit unusual. Ideally, I’d love all of these, but for now I think I have more than enough…and if it’s going to be anything, then I’ll pick number 7!

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