Bronzer Review: The Body Shop

Bronzer – 01 Golden Bronze

Happy Saturday! I’m so pleased that it’s the weekend finally. I thought I’d do a little Beauty post this morning, I’m definitely going to start doing more of these on my blog as I absolutely love anything to do with skincare and make-up. I have quite a simple make-up routine really – day to day, I tend to stick to Foundation (Chanel), followed by Bronzer, Eye liner (Clinique) and then whatever Lip-Gloss/Lipstick I fancy…and then I’m ready to go. I’m definitely not a make-up expert and have spent years trying to figure out the art of a smoky eye or non-wobbly black eye liner – but I thought that from now, whatever tips and tricks I learn I’ll pop up on here and share!

My beloved 01 Golden Bronze Blusher from the Body Shop is definitely my go-to product! As much as I love pink blushers, I find that orangey, bronze tones really suit my complexion a lot better. I’ve used 01 Golden Bronze for quite a while now and it’s the first shade I’ve stuck with for ages, because I love everything about it. All the Body Shop make-up products are so gorgeous, so it’s always really hard to choose, but when I tested this colour out on my skin I felt it would be the best option…thankfully I was right! It’s in powder form with a few different streaks of colour running through it, with the teeniest trace of shimmer which makes it shine on your skin!

I always apply it with a make-up brush (also from the Body Shop) because I find it’s easier to get good coverage with a brush, not fingers. I’ve made my fair share of application errors with blushers and bronzers over the years, and have finally learnt the best way to apply it to my cheekbones to get the desired effect. After my foundation, I just dust this over the tops of my cheekbones so it highlights them nicely! This is quite a powerful shade and you can easily over-do it, so I always just take a little bit on the brush and layer up if I need to. I put way too much on once and ended up looking like I had orange cheeks!

I use this shade for both the day and the evening, and depending on what I’m doing or where I’m going, I just apply it differently. In the daytime, or for work/casual, I only put a tiny bit on…I don’t want too look too clownish in the day, but it’s amazing how just the tiniest bit of the product will work wonders. If I’m going out in the evening and want a bit of extra glitz then I’ll put a bit more on so that my cheekbones really stand out and the shimmer of the shade comes through. I honestly can’t fault this product and absolutely love it.


  1. November 16, 2013 / 10:38 pm

    That shade looks so pretty and shimmering ♥

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