Classique – Jean Paul Gaultier

I’m a bit of a fiend when it comes to perfumes – I really can’t stick with a particular make for very long! I’ve been trying – and failing – for at least the last ten years to find my ‘signature fragrance’…you know…the one everyone will associate with you when they smell it. I’m sure some girls I know have this down to a fine art; somehow they pick an incredible perfume that lasts and is unique, and they run with it for ages until you come to associate that scent with them! Unfortunately, I’m pretty much still on the starting blocks when it comes to finding this one perfume I want to be mine…and how can you just stick with one these days when they pump out new perfumes every week?

I have no idea how many different perfumes I’ve tried over the years (everything from Glow by J Lo and Ghost through to Chanel and Marc Jacobs) and I haven’t managed to stick with any. I think I just get bored too easily, or I come to associate that scent with a particular time period in my life which perhaps I don’t actually want to be reminded of! ‘Ghost’ reminds me of getting a splitting headache on Christmas Day one year and not being able to eat anything (horror)…Lacoste ‘Touch Of Pink’ reminds me of a hideous school trip somewhere…and so on, a few trivial examples just so you see what I mean! I actually remember different times of my life by scent, all I have to do is smell a particular fragrance (I do keep most of my old bottles) and it takes me right back! It’s amazing how powerful a perfume can be!

So, the perfume I’m going to remember the current months by is ‘Classique’ by Jean Paul Gaultier. I started wearing this in early October and I’m sure when – in January or whenever – I find a new one to replace it, Classique will always remind me of these last few months! Lets start with the packaging. Tick! I’m such a sucker for pretty bottles and appearance, and the bottle in the shape of a womans body really works here. It’s eye catching and unusual…and definitely drew me in when I first caught sight of it. Plus it comes with a silver tin packaging which I don’t really have much use for to be honest, but it does look nice!

Scent wise, it has an incredible, floral aroma that somehow reminds of vanilla, blossom and orange all at the same time – it’s perhaps one of the strongest perfumes I’ve ever had. It’s a really sensual scent – hence the bottle shape – and there’s definitely something quite seductive above it. But most importantly – the scent does actually last! In the past, I’ve never managed to find a perfume that lasts on me for very long, but Classique definitely hangs around. Like all perfumes, it’s stronger when you first spray it but then it calms down, and lingers on clothes and on your wrists/neck/body really nicely. This is the first Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance I’ve tried, but so far, I’m seriously impressed. Has anyone else tried this? It’s so nice that who knows, maybe I’ll end up sticking with it for a lot longer than usual…

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