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Petite women are very much left out in the cold when it comes to Fashion and in terms of Petite clothes shopping, we really are limited in our choices! So whenever I find a brand, clothing line or website who specialise JUST in Petite clothing, I really do get excited! Gambita, founded by Caroline Misan Alvo (4 foot 9), was created to revolutionise the way Petite women shop. In this post, Caroline tells us her favourite pieces and WIPF (Why It’s Petite Friendly) – Gambita really do have an incredible range of Petite clothing and I’m so pleased to be able to give you some more information below! Read on for more…

Caroline Misan Alvo’s Outfit Picks

1. For work: Houston Silk Dress

Caroline: I would wear this with a thin belt and voila! The perfect work outfit. It’s not a typical dress you would see in an office, yet it’s so chic. WIPF: The print is bold yet small so it won’t overwhelm your petite proportions. The sleeves, hitting the right spot on your shoulders and falling a few inches shy of your wrist, are very complimentary for petites. The dress has a natural V-neck opening so it elongates the neck. The scoop hemline is the perfect length for all petites. 

Styla Petite: I absolutely love this dress, I really like to have versatile items like this in my wardrobe. It’s great that you can wear the dress just as it is, the silk material and stunning print allow it to be stand-out on its own, but when you want to alter the look, all you need do is add a belt!

2. For a night out with the girlsSet the Mood Dress 

Caroline: This dress is so special with the beaded detailing on the bodice, so I just had to pick it. I could just imagine any girl really making a statement when she walks into the bar wearing this number!  WIPF: Great for petites because the waist hits in the right place and the hemline is the perfect length.

Styla Petite: This dress is incredible! I love anything with beaded detail/sparkles or sequins so the bodice of this dress instantly caught my eye! It’s so hard to find Petite dresses for the evening that fit properly, but here Gambita have made sure the dress fits perfectly to the Petite frame – and that it’s eye catching! I’m sure any Petite would feel a million dollars in this number!

3. Casual day lookKassie Jacket 

Caroline: I pretty much live in this combination most of the time because it’s effortless, but you can still look put together. The jeans and the tee are great basics and the blazer gives just the right amount of personality to the outfit. WIPF: The jeans are in an oh-so-friendly inseam of 29″ (ideal for petites between 5’2″-5’4″). And the blazer is great because it’s a cropped design and the sleeves are designed to be rolled up (and even featured the pattern on the inside lining of the sleeve).   

Styla Petite: The pattern of this blazer is so eye catching and the fact it’s tailored specifically to Petite’s is brilliant – finding jackets can be so difficult (the sleeves are always too long, or the fit isn’t right) but that’s what makes Gambita fantastic; you can buy items knowing they are designed especially for your Petite needs. This is a great outfit combination, it’s so nice to be able to liven up an casual outfit with bold prints, so a blazer like this is a must. Plus Petite-friendly jeans – this is a dream come true!!

4. Cocktail partyWhat You Got Dress 

Caroline: I think if you want to look sexy, but not too over the top sexy, this is a great pick! I also love it in black, so you really can’t go wrong with either color! WIPF: This dress is nicely proportioned for petites thanks to a scoop neck, careful armhole placements and a dress length that flatters the petite frame. Racerback is super flattering.

Styla Petite: I love the style of this dress and it’s designed to flatter the Petite frame – I love the navy and the black colour, as Caroline says, it’s ideal for looking sexy but not too over the top – feeling good in an evening dress is the ultimate aim and the proportions of this dress have been tailored especially to show the Petite frame off to it’s best advantages!

5. Hot DateIndigo Knitted Skirt and the Payton Top 

Caroline: For a hot date, I think you should show off one of your assets, but balance it out by by being covered elsewhere. You have to leave a little to the imagination! The Indigo skirt is great because it’s a super chic mini-skirt and I love pairing it with this bright 3/4 sleeve top. 

Styla Petite: This is one of my favourite outfit combinations from Gambita and the top is one of my favourites; I love the bold colours and print, it’s so eye catching – and as always with Gambita – so nice to know it will actually fit properly! The skirt is gorgeous too, I love the detail and I too think it would be perfect for a hot date or a smart evening occasion where you want to look and feel your best!

Caroline Misan Alvo’s Interview On All Things Gambita!

Here is a little more information about Gambita from the founder herself! It’s always great to find out the thinking behind the creation of a brand, plus, as a fellow Petite, it’s fantastic to see the success story of a Petite trying to change the fashion world for the better!

What does ‘Gambita’ mean? 

Gambita literally means “little shrimp” in Spanish. Originally I got this nickname from my husband a few years ago and I thought it was so adorable. When I was thinking about naming my company, I knew I didn’t have to think too hard for the perfect name.

Why did you create Gambita?

I’m 4’9″ and shopping has always been a nightmare for me. I had always assumed that these issues were due to the fact that I was exceptionally short; but I realized after enough conversations with other petite friends over the years, that they were complaining about the same things I was. I was then inspired to find out how many petite women there were in the US and found out that actually half the female population of the US is petite. It seemed crazy to me that with such a big market there was no store exclusively for petites. That’s why I decided I must do something about it and Gambita was born.

How did Gambita come to life? 

I had the idea for a few years now, but was content at my previous job. I used to work in the non-profit/international development industry, so I didn’t really think I would ever actually do anything with the idea. Then as luck would have it, after returning from a vacation over New Years I was unexpectedly laid off from my job. I decided that it was a sign

Do you have any advice for women wanting to follow in your footsteps and set up a clothing line on their own? 

Starting your own thing is not easy – in fact, it’s terrifying to put yourself out there. But for me, the thought of not starting Gambita and potentially regretting it later on was much worse than anything that could potentially happen with Gambita, even if it turned out to be a miserable failure! That was a major motivation for me…just find your motivation and hold onto it!  

What are your plans for the future?

I want to change the petite fashion industry. I want to make it so petite women can find all the items they need in their perfect proportions. I also want to see petite women more included in the fashion industry – from the runway to the ads in magazines. It’s a big dream, but if you don’t aim high then where’s the fun in that?

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