Love for Lavender

Yardley’s English Lavender Body Wash 

Yardley’s English Lavender Hand & Nail Cream

Hand’s up who loves Lavender? I think it’s an amazing scent and really, really love the smell! I wasn’t too fussed about it when I was younger, but now I find it’s a really soothing aroma – and I know from working in skincare just how beneficial Lavender can be for your skin! Lavender oil can actually be great for stress; have you ever been advised to put Lavender oil on your pillow before you sleep? It’s meant to be amazing for relaxation and promoting a better nights sleep – and is used by so many therapists for massages and anti-stress treatments!

So, with my love for all things Lavender, this is an amazing hand and nail cream (it always helps when you love the scent of your product) and it’s a really luxurious, creamy texture which makes your hands feel super soft after use. It’s much the same for the body wash – your skin feels lovely and smooth afterwards, plus the scent is amazing and really relaxing to shower or bath with. Plus, obviously, the packaging is amazingly pretty – I’m such a sucker for pretty patterns and colours on bottles. I’d definitely recommend this if you feel like some soothing treatment for your hands or body! Plus it’s English Lavender…so very British and traditional if thats your thing!

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