Revlon Party

 270 – Cherries in the Snow (Drark Red)

580 – Electic (Green)

185 – Sweet Tart (Pink)

410 – Dreamer (Blue)

095 – Facets of Fuschia (Glittery Purple)

050 – White on White (White)

097 – Plum Seduction (Plum)

211 – Charming (Lilac)

085 – Red Hot Tamale (Bright Red)

Revlon has always been my favourite brand of nail varnish. I can’t remember when exactly I developed my little obsession with Revlon, but it’s definitely been going on for quite a long time. I have to admit that, at first, yes – I was attracted to the bottle over and above everything else! The bottles are so stylish, so I have always found them really hard to resist! Though, I came to realise that – at least in my opinion – with Revlon, you get what you pay for. They are a bit pricey for nail varnishes, especially when you compare them to other brands, but then if you by one (or two for one – sometimes there’s a nice deal) surely there’s nothing wrong with that. I LOVE the colours, especially at Christmas when they bring out some lovely glittery shades, somehow I find other brands that bring out the glitter at Christmas time can be a bit tacky (and certainly near impossible to scrape off your nails) so for glamour, I always head straight to Revlon. From pretty pastels to deep dark shades, Revlon have never failed me colour wise and every time I walk past the counter in Boots, I find it so hard to not buy a new shade!

I like to think that what I spend on Revlon nail varnish is maybe near-ish the same as I would spend on manicures. At least I like to tell myself that. Though, I think I am quite lucky in terms of nails – mine seem to be quite strong and grow quite quickly, so consequently, I have never, ever had a manicure! I know, shocking! But I really don’t want one. I’m not interested in fake nails or gel manicures, I know they look amazing, but I don’t see the point in messing up my natural nails. I think this stems from a friend using fake nails when we were about 11, and the glue being so strong that she messed up her nails for life, leaving them broken, shrivelled and pretty gross…and let’s face it, that nail glue isn’t the nicest of substances! So, if you have nails that grow at a reasonable pace and be shaped, I don’t see the harm in running with them and trying to keep on top of them yourself. I know this is hard when you’re super busy, but I almost find a bit of nail-painting therapeutic at the end of the day!

Nail routine wise, I’ve developed a pretty fail-safe one. I ALWAYS use a clear, nail hardener as my base coat. This stops the harsh colours and chemicals in the coloured varnishes damaging and tarnishing your nails (keeps them a bit healthier this way) and also, it makes the nail varnish so much easier to remove – especially dark colours like reds, purples and blacks, because it stops them staining in to the nail. Anyway, nail varnish removed, I soak them quickly in hot water and then shape, firstly trimming with nail scissors (I find cutting them square makes them less likely to break) and then filling. Then of course, on go the Revlon shades! The only real drama is which colour to pick!

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