Counting Down To Christmas: Day 7

 Topshop Freedom Jewellery Advent Calendar

So here is day seven of the Topshop Advent calendar and today is pair of cute little gold star earrings! As much as I’m loving this calendar, it’s really proving to me that my photography skills are seriously lacking…in terms of the clumsy accidents I seem to have whilst trying to arrange a pretty display. Today I managed to knock the calendar onto the candles I was placing around it, and THEN, a larger candle actually set the bottom branch of my pink Christmas tree on fire! I smelt this awful burning smell and realised my poor little tree was burning. Obviously I quickly blew out the candle and subtly cut off the burnt branch. So now I have singed Christmas tree and messy calendar covered in candle wax…oh well, it’s only day 7, so I wonder what stupidity day 8 will bring me. At least the jewellery is nice 🙂 


  1. December 7, 2013 / 6:05 pm

    Such a cool advent calendar! 🙂 Knew beauty ones like Ciate and Benefit were cool, didn't know Topshop did one.

    Stella | stellashek

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