Shoes Wishlist – Cruise Fashion

1. Sam Edelman Penelope Snake Print Peep Toe Shoes

2. Chinese Laundry Imagination Bush Ankle Strap Sandals

3. Sam Edelman Lorissa Studded Heel Court Shoes

4. Michael by Michael Kors Michael Gltr Crt Shoes Ld
5. Sam Edelman Lorissa Studded Peeptoe
6. Jeffrey Campbell Mosaic Suede Leather Sandals

I’m one of the biggest shoe obsessives ever, and I definitely don’t think that being Petite helps this addiction at all. Being so small (excuses, excuses) I’m always in need of high heels…and where I struggle to find dresses and trousers that fit me, I never ever struggle with shoes! I love Designer shoes as much as everyone else and spend hours browsing at shoes and heels that I can’t afford online, so it really helps when you find places to view a selection of designer items all in one place, and find shoes/accessories which have sometimes been brought down a little from the full Designer price! Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas, I feel like I’m allowed to put together a little shoe wish-list, in the hope that maybe Santa will bring me something nice!

Cruise fashion is one of those amazing sites where you can browse through a wonderful range of Designer items all in one place, the site offers a PremiumMainline, Concept and Outlet sections, so you can asses your spending budget and see what is best for you. Options like this are always perfect before Christmas when you’re either searching for gifts for friends and family members, or hunting for shoes/accessories for your party outfits. This site is one of my favourite new discoveries and they have some incredible designer items available – in the Outlet section, they offer some amazingly priced items, so I would definitely encourage a good browse of the site!

These are some of the shoes from the Cruise Outlet I’ve got my beady eye on at the moment and currently dithering which to get, as much as I love designer heels, they’re normally way too out of my price range, but some of these prices are a lot more reasonable…so I might indulge in a little Christmas present to myself. Greedy. I love the Sam Edelman Penelope Snake Print Peeptoe Shoes – I love loud, bold shoes sometimes because it means you can team them with an LBD perfectly, it’s great to have some eye-catching heels and there’s no better time of year to test them out than now. I can practically picture myself in these now…hmm 🙂

Sometimes, you really can’t beat the simple but elegant style of plain black. I love this pair of patent black Michael Kors Court shoes, I feel like this style is a fail-safe option, you can team a pair of black courts with anything and it means you can go for bolder clothing in loud prints or colours, and not worry about everything clashing with your shoes! The Jeffrey Campbell Mosaic Suede Leather Sandals are also tempting me…why is it that it seems so much more acceptable to buy shoes when they’ve been reduced from the original price? If they’ve come down from the hundreds, it’s like you feel compelled to buy them because it’s such a good deal…hence why my bank balance hates me I suppose!


  1. December 13, 2013 / 10:37 am

    These shoes look amazing! Can't wait to have a browse on the site xxx

  2. December 13, 2013 / 11:28 am

    I am in love with these – Sam Edelman Lorissa Studded Peeptoe!! xx

  3. December 13, 2013 / 12:12 pm

    I love 5 & 6 <3 shame I can't walk in heels that high 🙁
    Thanks for following me on bloglovin and GFC, I followed you back. Love your gorgeous blog.
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

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