January Beauty Buys

Rimmel ‘Pink Blush’ Lipstick 006

Rimmel Apocalips ‘Nude Eclipse

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner

Eylure Naturalities Lashes

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Powder

Rimmel ‘Pink Blush’ Lipstick – This is my all time favourite lipstick and, no matter what other shades, colours and brands I may play around with, this will always be the original! I honestly wore this shade (and ONLY this shade) for years and years…it’s the perfect shade of pink for me, glides on, stays on and feels amazing. It also smells incredible and has such an evocative scent which reminds me of those long school summer holidays when you had nothing to do, no real pressure and everything was pretty uncomplicated! It’s always nice to have that little comforting product around you sometimes, so for me, this is the one. Anyway, since I’ve expanded my lipstick collection recently, I realised to my horror that I’d run out of this faithful shade…so, short of scraping the remaining lipstick out with my finger, I decided it was time to buy a fresh one. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a brand new old faithful in your paws!

Rimmel Apocalips Nude Eclipse – I fell in love with the Rimmel Apocalips just before Christmas, it’s one of the best lip products I’ve encountered to date and, for someone who really loves lipgloss, is perfect for me. In the day I sometimes like to wear a nude lipgloss and for a while have been using one from the Natural Collection, but whilst it’s lovely, it doesn’t stay on for long, so I really wanted something that lasted longer. Then I saw that there was an Apocalips shade in ‘Nude Eclipse’…so obviously I had to buy. I pretty much haven’t taken it off since, it’s the perfect nude colour that I love and, as it can be quite a difficult colour, this shade actually stays on and lasts for ages! It’s a lacquer so has much more of a colour pigment and is the perfect halfway house for daily wearing between a light lipgloss and a lipstick. It’s also really easy to apply in a rush…just glide it onto your lips and boom, done!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner – Possibly a bit of a Rimmel theme going on with this post but what can I say, I spent too long by the Rimmel counter in Boots the other day! I am absolutely, self-admittedly useless with black eyeliner and no matter how many conversations I have with people for tips, or how many Youtube tutorials I watch…I can’t get it down. I think my eyes are a strange shape. Or, possibly, my skin is so pale and hair so dark that black just doesn’t work? Anyway, this is a look I have long since given up on, it doesn’t work at all for me so until I’m rich enough to have a glam squad, I’m staying well clear of the black eyeliner. However, I picked up a cheeky pair of false eyelashes the other day and that’s pretty much the only way I can achieve the flawless eyeliner look. Stick the lashes on and then paint over the top to get things looking perfect. This eyeliner really works well for doing this and you can dot in the black over the lashes to hide any imperfections, so always a useful buy.

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil – I’ve been after a setting powder for ages but, I’ve had quite a few skin reactions to products lately, so I’m a bit nervous of trying new products on my face. I was in desperado need of a setting powder though so I decided to just get on with it and buy Bare Minerals, I’ve never had any kind of problem with their products so felt it was the best way forward. I absolutely love it though – you can buy the product in solid or loose form, I went for loose because that’s just my personal preference. Anyway, for me it really works and you don’t need a crazy amount – I put it over those select areas at the end of my make-up routine and love the result, it sets my make-up in place really well and really helps to create a much more flawless finish. I also find it softens my complexion a little and just locks my make-up in place really well. A rather good purchase here!


  1. January 15, 2014 / 9:07 pm

    I am obsessed with the lipstick color. You can never go wrong with pink on your lips.

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