Pretty In Pink

Petites Rose Jacquard Dress – Miss Selfridge

Petites Nude Embellished Dress – Miss Selfridge

Duchess Satin Bow Back Prom Dress – Topshop

Shelly Pink Cutout Platform – Topshop

Sassy Heart Pink Heel – Miss Selfridge

Cleo Metal Trim Heel – Miss Selfridge

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a little obsessed with pink at the moment. I think it started with the pink pastel trend and it’s now spiraled into a love of all things pink. Firstly, dresses, there are some absolutely stunning dresses around at the moment and my eye just keeps getting drawn to the pink ones – I’m definitely in love with the Petites Nude Embellished Dress from Miss Selfridge, I’ve always been easily sucked in by glittery dresses! I love the fit and flare options at the moment too, I find them really flattering to my body shape, so the Petites Rose Jacquard Dress is also on my shopping list. As for shoes, well where do I start? Pink platforms, pink boots, pink heels…baby pink and pale pink shoes are everywhere, I have to say that I think these Shelly Pink Cutout Platform Heels from Topshop are incredible…would anyone like to buy them for me? 🙂 


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