Yes, this post is literally dedicated to a single candle…but honestly, I am obsessed! Lily-Flame is my new favourite brand for candles, reed diffusers and room mist sprays, so I felt like I needed to shout about them if you haven’t found them alredy. After spying an amazing selection in John Lewis, I’ve now spent hours on the website browsing the various options and I literally want everything! My first purchase was the Party Time Candle which just smells incredible, plus how pretty is the packaging?! Perfect for adding a pretty touch to your bedroom! They have an amazing range of candle tins which you can easily spy on the website or in John Lewis where they’re stocked…next on my list is the Blush Scented Candle and then Coffee Galore. So anyone wanting to buy me candle…you know where to go!

Party Time Candle – Lily-Flame

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