Summer Favourites

A small side note before I launch in…I haven’t blogged for so long that I actually forgot what Font I used to write in. Says it all, I will never leave it this long again! Anyway…time for some Summer favourites!

I genuinely don’t know where I’d be without the Estee Lauder Night Serum. When it comes to night moisturiser, I have always been useless…I’ll do it religiously for a while, then I’ll slip back to my old ways and not bother at all. So this is like the most perfect (and luxurious) half-way house ever. I love serum, it’s so much lighter and for summer, this is the ideal texture to smooth over your face just before bed.

I’ve had a bit of a make-up breakthrough recently in that I have barely been wearing any! In the past, I wouldn’t have dreamed of going out or going to work without at least foundation…but recently I have just been going without. It’s hot, it’s sticky and as the foundation just runs straight off my face anyway, I see little point in bothering. – which is why Clinique Tinted Moisturiser is another ideal halfway house! It’s a lovely light texture that takes away that hot cakey feeling of foundation. 

I’m obsessed with this Mac lipstick shade also – Pink Pigeon – I’m not going to lie, it’s a nightmare to get on and off and you absolutely cannot complete the process without smudging it, but the look is so worth it! It’s great for nights out, mainly because it’s so bright, I haven’t dared put it on during the day yet…but watch this space!

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