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I thought it was time to sit down and write a little update, as I haven’t done one for a while, and I wanted to to talk about something I’ve wanted to write about for quite a long time now!

Something I’ve always struggled to join the dots with, is the concept of having a blog and being a really, really private person. I realise that sounds a little hypocritical, considering I’ve blogged for 3 years now, I tweet a fair amount and instagram everyday. But I definitely choose very carefully what I share on the internet – and if you read my blog, follow my twitter or check my instagram with any kind of regularity, you’ll know that it’s normally all about outfits, fashion or beauty! What I put on my various social media platforms isn’t personal stuff, like what I’m doing on a day to day basis, how I’m feeling, or any of that – it’s all quite restrained. 

I think it’s time to change that – at least a little bit!

StylaPetite as a blog turned 3 years old in July! But I didn’t end up mentioning that anywhere, or take any time to credit it with the crazy amount of positivity and happiness it’s brought me over the last few years. That’s because, at the time, I’d decided to take a little step back from it. I felt like the summer, which got pretty busy with friends and work and general life, would be a good time to just back off a bit and perhaps even let it go. I was in a happy place, happy at work, in my relationship, happy in general – did I even really need my blog anymore? 

The answer is, I did, and I do. I felt more than a bit lost without it! I missed styling outfits, I missed writing posts and sharing content. I found emails starting to fill up my inbox with possible collaboration opportunities and people wondering where I’d disappeared to. I remembered some of the amazing opportunities the blog had brought me, the brands I’ve been lucky enough to work with, the hours spent photographing and styling and building my corner of the internet. Great big tranches of empty time opened up without my blog – I don’t know what I’m meant to do with myself if I don’t do it –  and I’ve realised it’s all far too precious to me to let slide.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter to me if it’s 2 people or 200 people who read one of my posts. If I can reach just 1 person and give them 2 minutes of escapism by reading a post, or looking at an outfit, or reading some of my ramblings – then that’s why I bother, and will continue to bother for a long time to come! But I think a good blog is about so much more than a series of soulless outfit posts when you don’t have a clue who the person behind the picture is. I can definitely hold my hands up and say that I’ve been a bit of a ‘ghost’ blogger these last 3 years…and I would really like to change that!!

The bloggers I love the best are the ones who are open, honest and share a little bit of their life with their readers. At the heart of blogging, it’s about people coming out to voice their experiences and share things – ultimately it’s a way to let people know that you’re not completely alone – there will always be someone going through the exact same things as you. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting you know about more about the ‘Holly’ behind StylaPetite. I’m planning a few ‘get to know me’ type posts, I’m scheming a Youtube channel (I know I’ve been saying that for about a year, but I WILL do it) and I hope that you’ll come to see StylaPetite as a place where you can find a bit more of the personal touch, as well as everything else!

Watch this space!


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