Wardrobe Clear-Out

So Summer is over and it’s Autumn, which for me this year meant attacking my disgrace of a wardrobe. New season, new start and all that! I have way too many clothes and until recently there was no order to my wardrobe, and inside it were a tonne of clothes, shoes and bags that I knew I’d never wear again. It was definitely time to get rid!

I’m one of those awful people who can find a skirt with the tag in, un-worn from three years ago and still want to keep it ‘just incase’. Or find a sliiightly too-small-for-my-thighs pair of jeans and think ‘but these might look nice if I drop a few pounds’. And finally, I dig up an item that’s nearly as old as I am but think ‘this MIGHT come back into fashion one day’. So I keep everything basically…or at least, I used to.

So what are my key tips for de-cluttering?

1. Be ruthless – you have to be! Or you’ll get sentimental and silly about everything – and end up keeping everything!

2. If you haven’t worn it in the last two years, get rid of it. You’re never going to wear it!!

3. Separate your ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ wardrobes and pack each away seasonally (obviously some items work fine for all seasons, but I mean the knitwear verses the shorts!) 

4. You love it but it isn’t quite you? See if any of your friends want it, or want to do a clothing swap!

5. Don’t just chuck your clothes in the bin, you can do some really good things with them! You can donate to charity, or head down to a local clothing swap. And for those nicer items that were expensive and never worn, sell them on! If eBay is too hard, then what I did is go to Cash4Clothing – they’ll exchange your clothes for cash and even help you retail on your snazzier item.

You can also see a few bits that I’m selling myself here in my blog shop 🙂

Hope these tips help any fellow hoarders! Happy clearing 🙂

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  1. October 10, 2015 / 12:13 pm

    Great tips. I de-clutter my wardrobe two day's ago. And actually I used some of these tips. Some of them I really didn't thought of so I'm going to use them next time for sure. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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