Winter Skincare | New Year, New You with Debenhams

I wouldn’t exactly
describe myself as a ‘dedicated’ attendant to my cleansing & moisturising
routine. I’m one of those useless people who will have a manic spurt of
dedication (moisturising religiously and going through an elaborate cleansing
routine) for all of two days before getting bored and giving up.

So thankfully, when the
team at Debenhams sent me some of their Clarins products to try, as part of the Debenhams ‘New Year, New You’ campaign…I felt like it
was as good a time as any to kickstart my skincare regime and make it resolution to look after my skin a bit better this year.

First up is my favourite product of the bunch, the Clarins Exfoliating Bodyscrub. I hate exfoliating, it’s a pain, but this product makes the process much more of a pleasure. It’s not too scratchy and I was amazed by how silky smooth it left my skin. I think if you can aim to exfoliate at least once a week, you’ll start to notice results – but in the shorter term, this product certainly makes your skin feel super soft.

Then we have the Body Lift Cellulite Control. I’ve never tried any kind of product that claims to ‘control cellulite’ before, not because I don’t have it, but I’ve never bought into the idea that a product can help get rid of cellulite & that good old fashion exercise was your best yet. However, this is new year new me, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

I don’t think you can ever expect results overnight with something like this, to get rid of cellulite I think you have to work at it – exfoliating and using a product for quite some time. But in terms of firming, contouring and just generally making you feel a bit better about yourself, this product does help! Will it get me super toned and smooth legs by the summer? I will let you know how I get on!

Finally is the Pure Melt Cleansing Milk is really luxurious and a joy to use! I’m so useless with cleansing, but since I used this for the first time last week, I’ve (almost) come to look forward to taking my make-up off and prepping my face for bed. It smells gorgeous, which really helps. Plus you only need
a tiny bit of product on your face and then with water, it quickly transforms into an oil. 

Again, as with the exfoliator, I was amazed by how smooth the cleansing milk leaves my skin and how refreshing it is as a cleanser.

So having worked a little harder with my skincare regime this last week, I’ve vowed to try and keep it up this year. I’m so excited to be focusing on beauty a bit more on the blog this year, so I’m hoping to bring you some exciting new content and share my beauty journey a bit more with you in 2016!

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