Kaytie Wu Designer Jewellery

Long time no post! I’ve had another one of my blogging sabbaticals, mainly enforced due to problems with my camera, and life just generally getting too busy. But I thought I’d get back into things with some beautiful jewellery from a lovely brand called Kaytie Wu Designer Jewellery

I love finding new brands and Kaytie Wu is one of those brands whose website you just can’t stop browsing. Beautiful, bespoke and contemporary designs – necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets, strongly influenced by the Minimalist art movement and Kaytie’s love of Japanese architecture.

I’ve been lucky enough to sample the Line Swarovski Crystal necklace in rose gold, a gorgeous but minimalist necklace which I’ve found I love to wear (rose gold is an absolute favourite of mine).

I also sampled the Circle Bracelet in gold and I’ve barely taken it off my wrist, it fits perfectly and the circle is a stunning detail on the chain – so elegant but striking enough to draw attention!

If you haven’t checked out Kaytie Wu yet I seriously suggest you do, for beautiful but affordable and completely unique jewellery pieces. In my next outfit posts you’ll be seeing this bling a-LOT, so you can see how it works on too!

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