How To Change Your Blog Name After 4 Years

Sooo….I’ve changed my blog name!

Yes, ‘StylaPetite’ is no more. Which I do feel a little sad about, as it’s been the name of my blog for 4 years…but change is most definitely a good thing.

I didn’t really think about the name of my blog when I dreamt it up 4 years ago. It was meant to be some sort of worst twist on ‘style a petite’ (my English degree had to come in useful for something, right?) but I don’t know how much real sense it made. What can I say, I thought I was being inventive at the time. 

Did I think anyone would actually read my blog? Noo. So back then it didn’t really matter what it was called, as long as I got something set up on the internet quickly to start playing with.

Did I think that one day the name I’d chosen would represent my very tiny little brand that – although small – I’d be using to work with Debenhams or House of Fraser? Again, no!

Having ‘Petite’ in the name was what I wanted at the start; after all, it was originally only meant to be a place where I whined about the lack of Petite clothing in the universe. But as time went on, it pigeonholed me into a small area that I felt was cutting off opportunity.

I may only be 5ft, but I have so much more to talk about than just Petite clothing.

I want to blog about ALL kinds of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travel…and I felt like being a ‘Petite’ blog was acting as a block to all the things I want to do. I was looking at all my posts one day and just thought, this ISN’T a Petite-only blog anymore.

Time to shake things up.

So how do you change your blog name after 4 years? What about the following you’ve built up, your social media channels, designs, logos, email addresses?

1. Think carefully about your next blog name

Thinking about my ‘new name’ was the hardest bit! Upheaving my blog and domain and changing everything could only be done for something better, and once done, not changed again!

Much like 4 years ago, I dithered around over silly names, dreamt up ideas, tried to be clever, and gave up.

I couldn’t think of anything groundbreaking or clever.

So I thought, you know what? I’ll just use my name. My middle name is Deryn (pronounced Derrin) which is unusual…so I decided that Holly Deryn Court (H.D.C if it ever comes to it) would work as well as anything. 

2.) Check and buy your new domain

Before you get too happy about your new name – check no one else has the domain already! If they don’t, snap it up on somewhere like GoDaddy.

3.) Get someone to help you!

I think when I transferred from blogspot to a proper .com back in 2013, I must have spent hours researching how to do it. Somehow I managed it but from what I can remember, it took me a long time. 

Back then my blog was only tiny, so it didn’t really matter if I cocked up along the way.

But when you have a 4 year old blog…you have more to lose. I didn’t particularly want to mess up the domain transfer. I also couldn’t be bothered to remind myself how to do it or figure out copying various codes around etc etc, I’m a writer, not a techy person…I just wanted it done professionally and without a fuss.

So if it’s something you’re considering and aren’t sure about, just ask someone! I couldn’t recommend the team at Pipdig highly enough for their help on this, they switched the domain for me, sorted out all my new codes and redirect my social media channels.

A way better result than me crying into laptop after losing my whole blog…

4.) Be patient

Obviously, if you change your name, you have to be prepared for your engagement to drop a bit – as people will be looking for your old name.

It’ll be an adjusting period.

But as long as you keep going, change all your links, and TELL people on social media what you’re doing (I could have done this a bit better) – it will be fine. 

Just shout about your name change and use it as an excuse to broadcast!

So, to sum up, I’m really happy I changed my blog name. I won’t forget StylaPetite, but I feel like I can turn this site into what I really want it to be now, no areas barred.

Watch this space!


  1. May 1, 2016 / 8:55 pm

    I wondered why I could never find your blog ha,ha! Now I know why! 🙂 Glad to find it again and great post! I've actually considered changing my name but think I will just keep it as it is but like you I created my blog years ago and times change xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + House of Fraser Giveaway

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