Better Late Than Never

Would you believe I shot these photographs back in December 2016! How time flies. But better late than never, right? A huge amount has happened since the day these photos were taken, so much so that I wasn’t even sure whether to post them or not?!

But, I guess that’s the thing about having a blog. Your photos and your blog posts mark your time. You can look back at shots you took a year ago – or three years ago – and they’ll transport you back to a different time. 

Like the time you thought fluorescent yellow was a good idea, or that pouting at the camera would make your cheekbones stand out. Or, go a little deeper, and the photo’s will probably remind you of where you were in your life at the time. They might remind you of being happy, or sad, or unsure, or dealing with something hard…but whatever it was you were experiencing, you still got up, dressed up and shot your photos.

So I couldn’t not put these up. Firstly, because I loved the outfit, and secondly, because I hope they’ll serve as a reminder to me when I look back at them in years to come. And in this case, that reminder will be that you have absolutely no idea what is coming next. 

This last month has taught me that life is a strange mixture of weird, wonderful, incredible and cruel. I feel like I’m going to spend most of 2017 muddling through my thoughts on everything – but where better to share them than on here?

I want to look at some different things this year, not just fashion (though clothes and expression are going to be a huge part of my journey.) But things like learning to live positively, accepting change, grabbing a new perspective and altering your viewpoint. Things like managing stress, anxiety, depression. Love, life, relationships, health….all things that are too important not to write about.

And I definitely don’t want to get to the end of 2017 and found I’ve posted a grand total of only 6 blog posts (exhibit A, my shocking blog performance of 2016.)

So let’s see, shall we?

Coat – Topshop
Polo Neck – ASOS (Similar),
Handbag – Michael Kors
 Jeans – River Island
 Boots – ASOS (Similar)

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