Brightening Your Day With Stationary From Jeeves & Co

I am a huge lover of stationary and always have been. Whether it’s writing paper or cards, invitations or headed paper, I really believe it can brighten your day – and your desk! Recently I was lucky enough to receive a set of beautiful, personalised stationary from Jeeves & Co to sample – read on to see some of the gorgeous items from the collection.

Jeeves & Co Design Studio is run by award-winning designer, Pippa Geaves. And it’s safe to say that I’ve fallen in love with the incredible collection of stationary on offer! Jeeves & Co offer a gorgeous range of personal and commercial stationary, as well as greeting cards, with every single item made out of 100% recycled paper (they’ve recently become part of Made in Britain too) – so you can be assured of the dedication to products of the finest quality.

I think the first thing you’ll notice is the incredible range of designs, which are fun, playful and creative, and offer plenty of choice. There really is no need for stationary to be boring and I must have spent hours browsing the beautiful collections, from Flights of Fancy through to Sweet Delights and Moroccan Tiles. How can you possibly choose? I want them all, especially Cat Attack!

I was lucky enough to sample the Marbled Correspondence Set which was personalised for me – so all my paper has Holly Deryn Court at the top. I do feel special.

I am also obsessed with marble, so this is the perfect collection. There are five gorgeous marble patterns, which look beautiful alone, and also stunning when laid out together – they really do brighten your day.

The whole buying experience with Jeeves & Co was a pleasure too, the products arriving in a beautifully presented box and with a greeting note from the brand. I felt a little bit like a child in a sweet shop as I opened my box and started exploring the contents!

The quality of the paper to write on is perfect, with the design really vibrant – but leaving enough room on the paper for writing. The design also doesn’t dominate the whole page, which means that your writing messages can be clear and uncluttered. The same can be said for the correspondence cards, and suddenly I’m find myself wanting to write little notes to people at every opportunity…

Just look at the pretty marble patterns!!!

I must also spend some time on the beautiful Jeeves & Co greeting cards where there is something for every occasion. I absolutely love this little French Bulldog birthday card which you can also get personalised with a custom message in, sent directly to the recipient!

I think what makes Jeeves & Co stand out is the stunning design, but also the quality, and the fact that the products are highly affordable and made with love. Go take a peak!


  1. March 20, 2017 / 11:39 am

    Cute stationary is definitely my weakness. This marble set is absolutely beautiful. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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