If It Makes You Happy

Now and again, you’ll set eyes on something that you just have to have. Not because you’re a spoilt princess or a greedy shopaholic, but because you’re bored of saving all your wages up for nothing in particular, and fed up of constantly trying to talk yourself out of buying anything that you don’t ‘absolutely need’. If you work hard and you want something for yourself then sometimes, it’s actually best to say sod it, and just buy it!

Aaaaand that’s exactly what I did with these Zara boots. They are bright, pretty out there, and just a little bit crazy. Very unlike anything I’d normally buy for myself too. But I saw them sitting there and I thought…why not?

Sometimes buying something you’d never normally wear is exactly what you need to do. So is allowing yourself to have something you’ve wanted for ages, if it’ll make you happy.

I’m not saying that splashing out on a pair of boots can change your life, but if it can make you feel a bit liberated, or give you a boost, then why not? The world can be pretty depressing sometimes, and life can get pretty miserable. There is SO much that we need to try and save for and work towards and sometimes despite saving all your money and working really hard…you just don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.

So you have to find small chunks of happiness wherever you can, and cling on to them – however fleeting they might be. So now and again, I say why not buy yourself a pair of kick-ass boots to tackle the world in.

After all, if it makes you happy…it can’t be that bad.

Outfit – Boots – Zara, Coat – Missguided, Top – Misguided, Jeans – Misguided, Bag – Yesstyle 

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