Mom Jeans & Long Coats: How To Style If You’re Petite

There are certain trends and styles out there right now that I absolutely love, but that I seriously struggle with as a 5 footer. One thing I’ve found tricky is the Mom Jeans – everyone’s in them, but I’ve struggled to find a pair that fit well (lets face it it’s not always the most flattering style). 

I find the high rise waist is always way too high, or the length is way too long…or the jeans are baggy in all the wrong places. Sometimes even the Petite section jeans don’t fit! One solution? Just roll them up. Or cut them up. I’ve realised that it’s absolutely fine to take a pair of scissors to something in order to make it work for you – you kind of have no choice if you’re under 5ft 3! The Missguided Petite jeans are amongst the best I’ve found so far, and the length is good, but I still felt like rolling them up so that I can get the best out of these black mules.

The other bane of my existence is long coats. I have a very unhealthy coat addiction and of course it’s always the gorgeous long wool coats that I want and can’t have…I used to be adamant that I wouldn’t buy coats from anywhere other than the Petite sections, but sadly that’s really limiting in terms of choice and the ranges are never anywhere near as good as mainstream. No fair.

So if you can’t find your dream long coat in the Petite section, best bet is to either take the sleeves up, pin them, roll them or wear your coat over your shoulders! I’ve rolled the sleeves of this gorgeous pink Missguided number – nothing was going to stop me buying it, not even being short!

Coat – Similar Here, Jeans – Missguided Petite, Shoes – Similar Here, Vest – Similar Here, Bag – Similar 


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