The Charm Of Handmade Jewellery: Christy Art Zimmer

Choosing jewellery is unique for everyone and there are so many options out there now. But I still believe that if you’re lucky enough to own a set of freshwater pearls, then you’re a very lucky person indeed!

After working with the lovely Christy, of the brand Christy Art Zimmer, last year – I was first introduced to freshwater pearls. Christy’s Pearls offer handmade jewellery, taking freshwater pearls and crafting them into stunning pieces – from necklaces through to earrings, bracelets and brooches. 

I first blogged about the brand here, and I’m thrilled to be working with them again to showcase some new items from the collection. 

I think what I love the most about Christy’s Pearls is that every single item of jewellery is different. This is because every pearl is unique, and carefully matched together with others to create a completely individual treasure.

The necklace I have on in these photos is a natural leaf-shaped pearl necklace and I personally think it’s absolutely incredible. The natural pink colour has a luminance about it, so that it stands out whatever you’re wearing. It’s simple, but delicate and timeless. It’s also so different, and the fact that it was handmade in Switzerland makes it very special.

Also in these photos, I’m wearing the square-shaped Pearl ear studs which I absolutely love and am now pretty much wearing every day! What I love the most is that no pair would ever be made the same, and I think that is what is so charming about this particular brand – the knowledge that you have something no one else will!


Dress – H&M

Cardigan – (Similar Here)

Shades – Rayban

Necklace – Christy’s Pearls*

Earrings – Christy’s Pearls*

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