Last-Minute Love For Gingham

Gingham is everywhere at the moment and (late as usual) I’ve jumped happily onto the bandwagon of this particular trend. I say better late than never though and I’m now seriously loving adding gingham into my wardrobe. Here’s why…

Skirts, coats, jackets, trousers, tops…Why so popular? Ever so slightly reminiscent of school uniforms (especially this blouse) and/OR Little Bo Peep/Dorothy – why are we loving the gingham so much ATM? I swear it was one of those things mentioned in childhood and associated with general naff-ness.

But now, a different story. Gingham has been injected with a serious dose of cool and incorporated into boxy blouses, ruched tops, cropped tops and all sorts of contemporary styles. I won’t go on, you already know all this I’m sure. But like I said, I’m late to the gingham appreciation club!

I think it’s a very summery print too, evocative of picnic rugs and outdoors…I better pack in as much as I can into the wardrobe before the summer’s out! Gingham is the strangest mix of girly/old fashioned/fun rolled into one…and I am loving all the various colours. I also love that something I once thought was naff is now seriously in – it’s amazing how things can change and evolve over time. 

This is an ace smock top from ASOS, which is not only an awesome print but seeeeriously comfortable. 

After being on a serious diet to fit into my bridesmaid dress for the wedding of one of my best friends, I’m now off the diet leash and eating everything in sight. No discipline. So, comfy smock type tops are my go-to ATM. #GrannyAlert #TubbyAlert

What are your thoughts on gingham? Let me know below!

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