Styling The Polka Dot – My Top 10 Blouse Picks

Soo, I officially went there and bought the Topshop polka dot blouse that everyone has. But I’ve always loved the timelessness of the polka dot and couldn’t resist getting myself involved.

Did I mention I’ve always loved the polka dot? It’s a seriously classic style but I also love the playfulness of it, it definitely brings out my inner child when I see a polka dot BUT on blouses and shirts I think it brings in the perfect mix of fun and style.

The beloved Topshop blouse got it’s first outing this weekend when I went out for dinner and wanted something smart/casual but with a nice splash of colour. I love the blue on this blouse, plus the style and fit is ideal – you can wear it lower or pull it up into more of a crop top depending on how you’re feeling. Obv with going to dinner and harbouring plans to stuff myself, I wasn’t going to be doing the latter. 

[Also some attention to this awesome River Island belt, only £12!! Total steal. People must agree as it’s gone from the website, but a similar one here.]

So being a bit of a dotty obsessive (cue stream of polka dot related blog posts) I’ve popped together my top 10 blouses below! Scroll down to take a peak.

My Top 10

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