Injecting Some Colour Into Your Wardrobe

 We all have an easy, wardrobe go-to…and mine has always been anything in black! But as there is so much more to life than black jeans and jumpers, here’s how I’ve been injecting some more colour into my wardrobe!

My old motto was if in doubt, wear black. My new motto is life is way too short to always wear black. It’s taking a lot of work to break the habit of a lifetime, but needs really must. Black is an ace colour for so many reasons and it’ll always play a big part in my wardrobe…I find it slimming, empowering and easy.

But does everything need to be black all the time??

I think not. Without a doubt, black jeans make my legs look thinner, black jackets make me look meaner and black handbags are, well, practical if nothing else! But it’s important to get to the root of any outfit ensemble with an, ‘am I wearing this because I want to look slim or am I wearing it because I love it?’

With so many colours and patterns and looks to choose from, branching out from black has been way more fun than I expected, and actually, easier! Shopping has got even more interesting as I don’t just check the ‘black’ category section for occasion dresses and outfits. 

But without wanting to transform into a neon traffic light, how can you make a gradual stab at injecting more colour into your wardrobe without it being too OTT a change?

I’ve found that gradually injecting more colour with say, one bold item in the outfit, has been the easiest way for me to do it. A bright pair of boots, see here. Or a bright yellow top amongst an otherwise black outfit, but it’s just the right pop of colour to change things round. If I was wearing yellow jeans too it might be a different story…

My latest amusement is to find bright tops to pair up with my old favourite black jeans. Or a bright bag, or or just something bright in the outfit until I feel able to go all out in colour. That may never happen ofc, but this is a good start for now!

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