A Stay At The Peak Edge

Whilst in Derbyshire, we stayed for three days in The Peak Edge Hotel, which is nestled right on the edge of Derbyshire’s Peak District.

It’s honestly AMAZING how being somewhere different (and disconnecting from social media) can make you feel like you’ve escaped the world, and especially somewhere like the Peak district, which is so different to where I live. It may not be a 30 degree beach, but it’s entering a beautiful bubble of rolling hills, low stone walls, cottages and roaring fires. Also everyone seems so much friendlier up North…just saying!

The bedrooms at the Peak Edge are beautiful and the one I stayed in had a stunning view out over the fields, literally nothing to be seen for miles except rolling hills and an a stone chimney peeping up in the distance.

The hotel restaurant was also an amazing place to relax – no plastic or modern stuff in sight, simply endless beams, wooden tables, cosy side rooms and huge armchairs in front of an enormous fire. We also found some time to do some exploring of the local area, where my Granddad and great Aunts/Uncle grew up. I even got some walking in, and honestly, walking can be the best thing to quiet a manic mind – it’s like a form of free therapy!

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