Transitioning Into Autumn

Coat – Shein*

Transitioning is something I really don’t enjoy, in any situation, fashion or otherwise! I’m an impatient creature and if something is changing, I want to skip the ‘adjustment process’ and just be at the new destination. But this year, (with both fashion and life) I’m learning to embrace the whole process thing a bit more – the dithery not-quite-sure backwards and forwards saga that often happens as we approach change. 

Take seasonal fashion changes, going from summer to winter, especially in September time when one moment it’s ‘I’m too hot, now I’m too cold’, roasting in the new Winter coat you’ve just bought because sun has re-appeared or freezing in a dress because you aren’t quite mentally ready for Autumn. Usually when September hits, I’m ready to jump straight into my OTT warm winter coat and UGGS, summer is done, winter is coming and I really don’t want to spent the next 5 weeks dithering about over what to wear every day, stuck somewhere between clinging on to summer and reaching out for winter. AKA I can’t be bothered with half-way house I just want one or the other. But this year, things are a little different.

This year, I’ve really enjoyed the whole ‘transition piece’ concept, in terms of finding the perfect transitional items to wear as we go from summer to autumn. Layering, going in with a thinner coat instead of your full blown fur, and taking things slowly yet still getting enjoyment out of new pieces. This coat from Shein is the perfect transitional Autumn coat. It’s not too thick, but still warm enough to shield you from the temperature drop. Plus I love the grid pattern (AND it’s big enough to fit a fluffy jumper underneath when the time comes).

I’ve loved reading the transitional fashion blog posts online and in magazine articles too, and found it really interesting to see how you can go about re-jigging your wardrobe for a new season. Plus there’s loads of new trends to look forward to which keep the future interesting and start to eclipse the old ones we’ve loved all summer. So perhaps then, the seasonal transitions actually mirror transitions in life and how you choose to look at them. Transition periods are a form of limbo,  caught between one thing and another, and can often make you feel stuck if you’ve had a big change thrust upon you, or you’re in the process of making a big decision. It can be unsettling and leave you with one foot in the past and one foot in the future.

But fashion has taught me something this year. You can make the best out of transition periods. If you can’t wear heavy knits and faux fur just yet, you can find a halfway house. And so perhaps the same with life. You might not be at your new destination yet, but you can find ways of making the best out of the process you’re going through. Perhaps gradual is the best way – there’s way more enjoyment to be had from enjoying the ride than rushing it through.

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