The Usefulness Of An Unstructured Grey Coat

I love a good wool coat (don’t we all?) – in fact, I love ALL coats, but if you come here often, you know that already. Last year I purchased the best coat in the world from Mango, see here, a grey, oversized, unstructured wool number which I happily wore all winter. Grey, oversized, wool. Doesn’t sound desperately sexy or glamorous does it? BUT here’s why I’ve spent the last few months searching for a suitable replacement and WHY I actually think a plain unstructured coat can be the most useful addition to your wardrobe!

 Every year, I get myself into a state over coats. No seriously, I do. So many coats, so little money. And every year, I feel like I always get it wrong – or rather, I love the coat I buy, but I see others in different styles that I want too. Or WORSE, I love the coat I buy but it is genuinely not practical at all for my life…so it sits in the wardrobe for special occasions. And coats are expensive, so that’s just pointless!

I’ve spent years dithering between the coat I want and the coat I need. And with belted coats, hooded coats, faux fur coats, there’s way too much to choose from. But really, everyone needs that one everyday coat to chuck on and that works for all circumstances. Not the leopard print faux fur number that you only end up wearing to a Christmas party. Every day (well, three days a week) I trudge in to work like every other miserable person in the UK. I don’t work in a particularly glam office, and the other two days of the week I spend freelancing from home with no real need to actually get out of my pjs. 

So really I don’t NEED a fancy, crazy coat for the daily commute. I need something useful!!

Enter the unstructured coat. Honestly the best thing I’ve ever discovered coat-wise, because it’s so easy. You can pull it on over whatever you’re wearing and be done with it. No fancy belts, no fiddly buttons, and no garish colours that will attract the derision and/or raised eyebrows from fellow office dwellers. I mean these pink faux fur coats and crazy print patterns look GREAT on instagram or perhaps you can get away with them in certain circumstances…but day to day in average-ville, those coats are just too much effort.

This one is from H&M and I think I’ve worn it every day since I bought it. (NB, just need to chuck this in, I’m not saying I won’t buy other coats for other occasions…but just saying how USEFUL it is to have a practical coat for day to day boring life).

So there you have it, the functional, warm, yet elegant and highly USEFUL style of coat that I could recommend enough. Have a snoop at these below – BTW it doesn’t have to be grey, I just buy grey because I always wear black and it breaks up the colour groups a bit…

Grey Coats


  1. October 19, 2017 / 4:51 pm

    I love how practical that coat is, and I have to say that it is anything but boring. It has a really fun texture to it and I love the unstructured fit.

    Sweet Helen Grace

    • October 23, 2017 / 8:31 am

      Thank you lovely, glad you like, it's definitely a good mix of the two 🙂 xxx

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