With Love | Adding To My Jewellery Box

I’ve always believed that the right pieces of jewellery can, literally, make an outfit. No matter what you’re wearing, the right pieces always have the ability to give your look a huge lift. But as I’ve got older, I’ve started to appreciate that it’s so much better to wear items which have a bit of sentimentality behind them, or some sense of meaning, instead of buying any old old thing and hoping it ‘works’ with your outfit.

I’ve never really been one to wear too many bold prints or ‘out there’ pieces, always preferring something plain and simple which I can jazz up with some pretty accessories. HENCE accessories have always been an obsession…however…when I was younger, my jewellery box was absolutely overflowing with…well, cheap rings, earrings and necklaces that I’d snap up mindlessly whilst shopping in town over a weekend. 

When I sorted through it earlier this year, I couldn’t believe how much rubbish I’d accumulated over the years. I have to say it was mainly earrings, and I had an endless stash of crazy studs and hoops etc. Surely it can’t be good to put so much cheap metal in your ears? But the main thing that struck me was that there was no thought, sentimentality or meaning behind my Alladins’ cave of crap. I’d obviously just picked up these pieces for the sake of it and certainly in recent years, that’s now the  total opposite of what I do with jewellery. 

I very rarely ever add to my jewellery collection now because I have a selection of pretty pieces that hold a lot more sentimentality than other items bought in the past! I have a sapphire ring which I wear on my right hand, a gold ‘Holly’ necklace, a Bridesmaid chain from my friend Elaine, and a set of gold studs that have been passed down through the family. These are the main pals.

And then like everyone, I acquire items along the way and invest in certain items because either they are amazing, or a gift, or the inspire something special. I’ve bought a few pairs of those tassle earrings (because they are awesome) and OFC love a good watch and sparkly bangle. And then  when I opened this beautiful ‘With Love’ necklace from Bijou Boutiques I felt like it really would be a lovely addition to the jewellery box. I LOVE the detail and particularly like anything unusual, which this necklace certainly is. They also stock a ‘Tequila’ necklace which I’ve got my beady eye on!


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